1. Two Chefs

    Head to Head Competition

  2. You Be The Judge!

    with Digital Voting

  3. Take a seat at the Competition Dining Table

  4. An Interactive Dining Experience

  5. Put to the Test

    Chef Chris Hill prepares his next dish

  6. Settling the Score

  7. The Host

    Jimmy Crippen entertains the audience

  8. Toasting the Evening

    and an unforgettable dining experience

  9. Deliciousness

  10. 2014 State Champions

    Chef Jon Fortes & team win it all!


The Competition Dining Series is an emotionally inspiring interactive dining experience connecting the chef, the farmer and the diner. Each evening, two restaurants battle it out in a neutral kitchen location. Diners will rate each dish on an app downloaded to their smart device ultimately deciding who goes on and who goes home! This year, Raleigh, Charlotte, Winston-Salem and Greenville, SC host the high-pressure series. 

YOU BE THE JUDGE! is what differentiates us from all other cooking competitions. As our guest, you savor a full service "blind" six course dinner (3 dishes from each team) that revolves around a featured ingredient. As you dine, you're voting on criteria such as, presentation, aroma, flavor, creativity and more. "Share" your dishes with your friends on social media right from the app! Get live peeks behind the scenes, watch interviews with the chefs and experience the intensity as the scores are revealed right in front of you.

Tickets for each regional preliminary round start at $55 plus tax and service, excluding beverages. Pick your battles and join us for as many dinners as you like. Be sure to purchase tickets early as battles fill up fast. 

Dietary Restrictions "Due to the nature of this competition, dietary preference requests are not accommodated. However, we will accommodate allergies, given reasonable prior notice, by not serving you any item that may cause you harm, but this may significantly impact your dining experience.

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