1. 2015 Series Champions

    Ryan Conklin & Team UNC REX Healthcare

  2. Deliciousness

  3. Jimmy Crippen, Host

    Jimmy Crippen entertains the audience

  4. Two Chefs

    Head to Head Competition

  5. You Be The Judge!

    with Digital Voting

  6. Settling the Score

  7. Dining room is set and ready for you

  8. An Interactive Dining Experience

  9. Put to the Test

    Chef Chris Hill prepares his next dish

  10. Toasting the Evening

    and an unforgettable dining experience


GREENSBORO SERIES TEAMS ANNOUNCED! We know that you, "Joe Diner" have been waiting to experience the new culinary trends utilizing all the incredible ingredients North Carolina agriculture has to offer. Get ready for the most exciting year in Competition Dining history!

2016 ALL-STAR DREAM TEAMS ALLOWED.  This year we are mixing it up, stirring the pot and putting a new spin on things with an exciting collaborative twist for the Carolina's most competitive chefs!

THE GOT TO BE NC COMPETITION DINING SERIES is an emotionally inspiring and interactive dining experience connecting the chef, the farmer and you, the diner.   Each evening, two teams of chefs battle it out in a neutral kitchen location.  Diners vote on each dish digitally, ultimately deciding who goes on and who goes home! 

YOU BE THE JUDGE! is what differentiates us from all other cooking competitions. As our guest, you savor a full service "blind" six course dinner (3 dishes from each team) that revolves around featured ingredients. As you dine, you're voting on criteria such as, presentation, aroma, flavor, creativity and more. "Share" your dishes with your friends on social media right from the app and experience the intensity as the scores are revealed right in front of you.

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