Fire in the Triad Chefs

Chris Blackburn

Josephine's in Greensboro

My cooking style is: Southern Fusion with a strong emphasis on incorporating local goods.

I am competing because:  This is a great learning opportunity for me an my kitchen staff.  We'll be challenged to use all of our learned kitchen techniques and to step out of our comfort zone in order to progress in this competition.

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John Bobby

Noble's Grille in Winston-Salem

My cooking style is: New Southern Cuisine: Rustic Farm to Table

The NC ingredients I use are:  All types of local seasonal produce.  We also do what is necessary to support our local ranchers and farmers, even if that means bringing in a whole animal and breaking it down ourselves into the cuts we need right here in our kitchen.  

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Timothy Bocholis

Bistro B and Wine Bar in Kernersville

My cooking style is: Mediterranean with Latin American Fusion

My competitive advantage is: I know what it takes to win every day in the kitchen.  I have worked for four James Beard Award recipients ranging  from Bob Kinkead to Jose Andres and know that excellence is earned plate by plate. 

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Taylor Brett

Bin 33 in Greensboro

My cooking style is: "Simple done right" with Southern and Italian influences

I want to compete because:  I have been through an incredible experience opening a successful large restaurant in downtown Greensboro.  I have learned a lot about myself and I feel that winning this competition would be a great "next chapter" to my story.

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Kristina Fuller

The Bistro at Adams Farms in Greensboro

My cooking style is: Eclectic.

My competitive advantage is:  I'm used to melding different and contrasting flavors, so I'm actually looking forward to having unconventional secret ingredients that  I can create around.

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Mark Grohman

Meridian in Winston-Salem

My cooking style is: New American and heavily influenced by the Mediterranean

My competitive advantage is:  in my restaurant, I create innovative cuisine using fresh and local ingredients, which is exactly the aim of the competition.  I'm going to bring all of the bright flavors of the Mediterranean which comes from making everything from scratch.

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Timothy Grandinetti

Spring House in Winston-Salem

My cooking style is: Honest  and responsible New American cooking inspired by seasonal ingredients

I am competing because:  I am "uber" competitive and dedicated to the culinary arts.  I love learning and sharing on a daily basis.  Cooking is my life and it will be an honor to work with my NC brothers and sisters in the kitchen during this competition.

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Michael Harkenreader

Undercurrent in Greensboro

My cooking style is: Classical and regional based cuisine featuring complimentary seasonal ingredients 

My competitive advantage is:  my experience as Chef de Cuisine at Undercurrent.  Every day I showcase local ingredients to guests in a way that they will always remember.  I plan on doing the same during this competition.

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Leigh Hesling

Green Valley Grill in Greensboro, NC

My cooking style is: Traditional and authentic--the classics executed with the best ingredients available

I'm competing because:  This is the perfect opportunity and stage to showcase the creativity, flair, and passion of our amazing culinary team.  We won't stop until we've won this thing.

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Janis Karathanas

Mozelle's in Winston-Salem

My cooking style is: Southern Flair

The NC ingredients I use are:  An ever changing selection of vegetables and greens.  We use what's in season and I always find myself inspired by the wonderful ingredients that are available locally.

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John Milner

Milner's in Winston-Salem

My cooking style is: Refined Southern cuisine with a Low-country emphasis 

The NC products I use are:  Ethically raised beef and poultry, fresh-caught seafood, a large assortment of grains and oils, locally grown produce, and fresh edible mushrooms--all the good stuff you find in Southern cooking.

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George C. Neal

1618 in Greensboro

My cooking style is: Seafood Fusion

My competitive advantage is:  We are constantly experimenting and developing new menu ideas.  Thinking on the fly and adapting, these are all skills that I've learned during my cooking career and what have allowed my restaurant concepts to become successful over the years.

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Jay Pierce

Lucky 32 in Greensboro

My cooking style is: Classic techniques, bold flavors, and inspired renditions

My competitive advantage is:  my 20 years experience of fusing flavors to create "yumminess."  I instinctively understand how to take quality fresh products and build on their flavors while still maintaining the integrity of those ingredients.  Photo by Jill Warren Lucas

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Chris Russell

B. Christopher's in Burlington

My cooking style is: Classic American Cuisine

My competitive advantage is:  25 years of experience cooking and a crack team of sous chefs.  We're used to cooking everything at the restaurant from scratch, so there won't be any ingredient on the pantry truck that we can't handle.  

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Jonathan Wheeler

Southern Lights Bistro in Greensboro

My cooking style is: Natural, fresh, and casual fusion

I am competing because:  I am a humble but competitive chef.  I love bringing innovation into my cooking, and enjoy seeing others push themselves, as well. The competitions I've been involved with over the years have all helped me grow. 

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Jon Willis

Emerywood Fine Foods in High Point

My cooking style is: A fusion of old world meets new world, with flavors that span the east coast

My competitive advantage is: that I view cooking as a way of life.  I take pride in creating indulgences and enriching people's lives through my dishes.  Cooking is about creating a connection with people, and that's what I plan to offer guests throughout this competition.

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