Fire on the Dock Chefs

Andy Hopper

Chefs 105 in Morehead City, NC

My cooking style is: Simple but effective contemporary American cuisine with a hints of Italian and Spanish influences.

My competitive advantage is the fact that I have travelled the country and overseas to study at some of the greatest restaurants including The Four Seasons Resort and Troon North in Scottsdale, and the acclaimed Spiaggia Restaurant in Chicago. I am also a multiple-time winner of several local culinary competitions.

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Anthony Garnett

Coral Bay Club in Atlantic Beach, NC

My cooking style is: Regional American cuisine with LOTS of seafood--all kinds of seafood cooked lots of different ways.

The NC ingredients I use are: The daily catch from our local seafood market.  We also buy local trout, shrimp, and as many NC oysters we can get our hands on.  We even make our own sea salt and buy organic bell peppers from a tiny farm nearby.

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Antoine Murray

Cape Fear Country Club in Wilmington, NC

My cooking style is: Contemporary American cuisine with light Southern flair.  At the end of the day, I just want to make really good food!

I want to compete because many people don't understand that country club chefs are held to the same high standards as all other chefs. When it's all said and done, I want to be mentioned alongside all of the other great chefs in Wilmington.

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Charin Choti

Big Thai in Wilmington, NC

My cooking style is:  Good, fresh, fast, and Asian...nothing more to say.

My competitive advantage is:  Editors note: Chef Choti's competitive advantage is his "X-factor."  All of the chefs in our competition praise his incredible kitchen skills, but no one can anticipate the kind of creative flair he will bring to the battles.  Not being a native english speaker, he naturally keeps all of his cards close to his vest!

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Clarke Merrell

Circa 81 in Morehead City, NC

My cooking style is: Seasonal flavor driven with a modern interest.  

The NC ingredients I use are in almost every dish I make.  Using NC ingredients means being a part of a community and supporting local farmers, fishermen, and artisans.  There is something magical about serving a fish that was just swimming only hours ago, or eating fresh produce that was just harvested from the field.

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Gerry Fong

Persimmons in New Bern, NC

My cooking style is: An intricate twist of my Chinese ancestry and Southern NC upbringing.  I use classical French technique to bring flavors together.

The NC ingredients I use are everything from lettuce, beets, and pea tendrils to ground beef, pork and fresh fish. Every dish has a piece of NC in it and that allows us to showcase our unique take on "Southern Fusion." 

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Jacob Hilbert

Manna in Wilmington, NC

My cooking style is: Deeply French, often unique, and occasionally transcendent.

The NC ingredients I use are: Anything available that we can get our hands on!  We incorporate local produce, charcuterie, meats, seafood, and specialty goods into our dishes.

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James Doss

Rx in Wilmington, NC

My cooking style is:  Southern contemporary . I utilize locally available and complimentary ingredients to showcase natural flavors.

My competitive advantage is: the fact that I am a local chef that was trained in Wilmington.  I also spent a year and a half working with a James Beard award winning Chef who competed in "Iron Chef America."

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Joshua Woo

YoSake in Wilmington, NC

My cooking style is: Rustic and Simplistic.  I prefer to enhance the ingredients' natural flavors as opposed to masking them.

Our restaurant: is located on the second floor of the historic Roudabush building.  The restaurant features sushi along with a full pan-Asian menu. Also located in the building is the Balcony on Dock Street, where we host and cater special events.

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Kirsten Mitchell

Cameo 1900 in Wilmington, NC

My cooking style is: Simple and sophisticated, but also very diverse.

Our restaurant features a menu that includes flavorful, thoughtful, high-quality dishes served tapas style. Small plates, which are designed to be shared and paired, offer a chance to experience many diverse dishes and flavors. Stop in tonight to try our award-winning 1900 Mac & Cheese, voted “Best Hot Plate” at the 2011 Taste of Wilmington. 

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Kyle McKnight

Swim with the Fish-Restaurant Opening Soon! in Wilmington, NC

My cooking style is: Learned French with a strong Southern and Germanic influence.

My competitive advantage is the fact that I have been able to successfully integrate local ingredients into all sorts of dining experiences, from high-pressure, high-volume dinners and events to small intimate fine dining experiences.

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Lee Grossman

Bento Box in Wilmington, NC

My cooking style is: Contemporary Asian Cuisine.  The main focus of our restaurant is our Sushi bar, but we also offer dishes from China, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea and Japan.

Our restaurant is the culmination of Asian street food. The menu is designed to encourage sharing. Guests can interact with the chefs at the sushi bar or view them on any of the flat screen televisions located throughout the restaurant.

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Marc Copenhaver

Marc's on Market in Wilmington, NC

My cooking style is: A contemporary, seasonal, wine-friendly style.  It's comfort and style in balance.

My competitive advantage is the fact that I have been an undefeated champion in other chef competitions.  Our restaurant is continuously ranked as one of Southeast NC's finest and we've even won third place in the 2011 NC Best Dish Competition.

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Pat Green

Elijah's in Wilmington, NC

My cooking style is:  Southern Coastal Country Comfort Cuisine

I want to compete: because this will be the first opportunity I've had to battle in a "bracket-style" competition.  I want to showcase my unique flavor profiles and display the endless hard work of my team.

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Silvierio "Smokey" Masters

Pine Valley Market in Wilmington, NC

My cooking style is: highlighting the natural beauty and flavors coming from each ingredient.  Marrying distinct flavors into my sauces is my specialty.

My competitive advantage is: how quick I am on my feet in the kitchen.  As a caterer, I know how to adapt to many different situations quickly and with success. 

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Zackery Grant

The Pilot House in Wilmington, NC

My cooking style is:  Classic Southern with a French and Asian twist.

The NC ingredients that I use are: Locally raised pork, potatoes, collard greens, turnips, and figs to name a few.  By supporting local farms we give back to the community and have the privilege of working with superior products.

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