Final Fire Chefs

Gerry Fong

Persimmons in New Bern, NC

My cooking style is: Southern Asian Carolina cuisine! I take my roots and training and have fun.

My competitive advantage is in the fact that I love food, people and challenges. I feel that I can make people smile with my food, the local ingredients help people remember where they are from!

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Adam Hayes

Red Stag Grill in Asheville, NC

My cooking style is: Classical, rustic, real, traditional, simplistic, not pretentious!

My competitive advantage is my passion for NC agriculture - local farms - and my cooking skills! I love a good challenge! I am winner of the Best Dish NC Award for the 2012 Fine Dining category.

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John Bobby

Noble's Grille in Winston-Salem, NC

My cooking style is: New Southern, rustic farm-to-table

My competitive advantage is the fact that I competed last year. I would love the chance to have fun with the other chefs in the competition again this year. 

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Dean Thompson

Flights in Raleigh, NC

My cooking style is: Regional, contemporary, unconventional, balanced, creative

My competitive advantage is the fact that I personally grew up in NC. I love this area and the cuisine of the piedmont region. This is a great opportunity for our team to showcase our talents and I truly believe that we are capable of winning!

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Jon Fortes

Mimosa Grill in Charlotte

My cooking style is American with Southern influences, upscale

My competitive advantage is that I have been on the Charlotte food scene for 7 years, and before that was chef of Bin 36 in Chicago. My ability to adapt to the surrounding environment will certainly give me the ability to challenge if not win a competition like this.

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