Charlotte Teams

Bistro 127

Bistro 127 in Hickory

Team Bistro127 led by team captain Shawn Bank, executive chef at Bistro127 of Hickory; John Edwards, sous chef; and Jeff Croft, assistant sous chef.

Vicious & Delicious

Southminster & Craft Cakes in Charlotte

Team Vicious and Delicious from Charlotte: Ryan Forte executive chef at Southminster; Phillip Platoni, chef de cuisine at Southminster; and Brigitte Oger, owner at Craft Cakes in Charlotte

Fahrenheit Charlotte

Fahrenheit in Charlotte

Team Fahrenheit Charlotte: David Feimster, executive chef; Rachel Child, pastry chef and Lewis Carter, sous chef.

Team Heirloom

Team Heirloom in Charlotte

Team Heirloom from Charlotte: Clark Barlowe, chef and proprietor at Heirloom; Myles Scaglione, executive sous chef at Heirloom; and Ann Marie Stefany, pastry chef at Heirloom.