Team Curt's Cucina

Curt Shelvey, Chef and Owner of Curt’s Cucina in Southern Pines N.C. was born and raised in New England from Vermont to Connecticut. He has been in and around restaurants since 10 years of age. Curt spent much of his time growing up in Italian restaurants as a dishwasher and prep cook. He later joined the US Marine Corp after high school and served 4 years then returned back to the kitchen. Chef Shelvey has worked at:  The Cloister Hotel in Sea Island Georgia, Interstate Hotel Corporation and Pinehurst Resort and Country Club. He was also the Coordinator of Culinary Arts at Sandhills Community College. Every person that steps into "Curts Kitchen" can taste his love for culinary in every dish that he serves. 

Ryan Laton is an adjunct culinary professor at Fayetteville Tech and is the Sous Chef at Curt's. 

Matthew Hannon is on the culinary team at Ironwood Restaurant in Pinehurst. Matt has battled in the 2012 Fire in the Triangle series as the chef of Ashten's in Southern Pines.