Fire in the Triangle Chefs

Spencer Carter

Weathervane in Chapel Hill

My cooking style is: Southern with modern influences

The NC ingredients I use are Chicken, Pork, Seafood and Produce

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John Childers

Herons in Cary

My cooking style is: Modern American

My competitive advantage is my past experience and my will to win!

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James Clark

Carolina Crossroads in Chapel Hill

My cooking style is: Southern American

The NC products I use are pork, beef, buffalo, produce, fish, honey and cheese

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Serge Falcoz-Vigne

518 West in Raleigh

My cooking style is: French classic and modern, I'm open to new cuisines world.  Cooking with love is my style.

My competitive advantage is ...I am a nice guy!  

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Sean Fowler

Mandolin in Raleigh

My cooking style is: slash & burn

My competitive advantage is that we work with a variety of NC ingredients on a daily basis.

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Christopher Hill

The Oxford in Raleigh

My cooking style is: American cuisine with a strong classical foundation

The NC ingredients I use are Heritage Farms pork belly, seasonal produce and seafood, dairy and poultry.

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Scott Jankovictz

The Station in Raleigh

My cooking style is inspired by the ingredients

My competitive advantage is that I've competed on a team in the past, I understand how important it is to keep a schedule to manage your time in the kitchen.   

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Adam Jones

Dean's Seafood Grill & Bar in Cary

My cooking style is: a mix of many influences and techniques.  Simple, but delicious is the way to go!

My competitive advantage is my love for food!  I love making something from nothing and turning fresh ingredients into awesome dishes!

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Beth Littlejohn

Coquette Brasserie in Raleigh

My cooking style is: eclectic with influence from my southern upbringing and classical French training.

My competitive advantage is I have passion and an outgoing personality which allows me to share my knowledge and love of food with patrons.  I am versatile and think quickly on my feet.

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Younes Sabouh

City Kitchen in Chapel Hill

My cooking style is: to refine dishes to create a memory whilst focusing on key core values of locality, seasonality, freshness and quality

The NC products I use include cheeses, greens, produce, eggs and wine

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Nunzio Scordo

Driftwood Southern Kitchen in Raleigh

My cooking style is: rustic farmhouse

My competitive advantage is that I am very competitive, have worked under extreme conditions and know how to improvise.

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Peter Spear

Pup's Steakhouse in Wilson

My cooking style is: Progressive/modern French, new American, Farm to Table

The NC ingredients I use include flounder, shrimp, grits, oysters, corn, herbs, Certified Angus Beef Brand®

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Regan Stachler

Little Hen in Apex

My cooking style is: Farm-to-Table, Modern European/American

My competitive advantage is my versatility and ability to adapt local ingredients to my style of cooking.  My focus on presenting local products in tasty and unique dishes directly goes in hand with this competition!

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2014 Fire in the Triangle Champion Dean Thompson

Flights in Raleigh

My cooking style is: Awesome.  Contemporary Southern for the people

The NC Products I use include grains, cheese, meats, poultry, seafood and dry goods

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Joseph Yarnell

Cantina 18 in Raleigh

My cooking style is: Chef-driven Southwestern

My competitive advantage is that I work at a fast paced restaurant, using local, seasonal ingredients and I enjoy inspiring my team while under pressure.

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Steve Zanini

Jimmy V's Steakhouse & Tavern in Cary

My cooking style is: Classical and simple, with my own influences

My competitive advantage is that I strive for perfect balance in all of my dishes and accomplish this through my great and talented team.

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