Fire on the Rock Chefs

Edwin Bloodworth

The Gamekeeper Restaurant in Boone

My cooking style is: Emotional, seasonal, regional, progressive-Appalachia, modern, fun

My competitive advantage is that we strive every day to limit ourselves to make the most out of what is seasonal and has a connection to our surroundings.  

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Anthony Cerrato

Strada Italiano in Asheville

My cooking style is: Classic, simple applications with my own creative flair

The NC ingredients I use are Produce, Herbs, Pork, Beef, Poultry, Fish... and flour!

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Samuel Ratchford

Vidalia Restaurant & Wine Bar in Boone

My cooking style is: Creative American specializing in Southern Cuisine

My competitive advantage is my flexibility to use a variety of ingredients and techniques in the kitchen.  

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2014 Fire on the Rock Champion Michelle Bailey

Season's at Highland Lake in Flat Rock

My cooking style is refined American Cuisine utilizing local/sustainably sourced ingredients with a focus on traditional southern techniques and international flavor profiles.

My competitive advantage is that I have a rock solid team.

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