Greenville, SC 2015

Invitation to Apply

Competition Dining and Pate Dawson Southern Foods would like to invite you to apply to become a contestant in the Competition Dini­ng Series - Greenville. This inaugural South Carolina series is sponsored by the Pate Dawson-Southern Foods. The goal of the competition is to promote local South Carolina ingredients and talented chefs from across the state.

The overview package includes details of the competition.  Applications are being accepted online this year.  We invite you to also explore the various web and social media outlets, as well as the press generated by our competitions this past year: Fire on the Rock, Fire on the Dock, Fire in the Triangle, Fire in the Triad, Fire in the City, and Final Fire.  Along with Greenville, competitions will also be held in Raleigh, Charlotte and Winston-Salem, NC this year.

We encourage chefs to apply for the opportunity to show off their skills, have some fun, and celebrate South Carolina ingredients with the local dining public. A panel made up of contest organizers and other stakeholders will select the competitors. Special emphasis is placed on a demonstrated passion for incorporating local ingredients into restaurant menus. Applications must be received via the online form by JUNE 12, 2015 Monday, June 15th to be considered

Click here to download the overview package
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 to access the Competition Dining Series - Greenville, SC Application