Durham Series
2016 Bracket Complete
Team Eggheads win
Durham Series Team Eggheads from Another Broken Egg Cafe

Durham Series - 2016 Bracket Complete

Young, talented and a bit nervous about having to battle the seasoned veteran Curt Shelvey and his crew sums up the sentiment of Team Eggheads led by Chef Scott Schabot today. He and his teammates Keith Calise and Tad Balio admitted they did a bit of homework for this battle and felt like they had a game plan. That is until we hit them with the featured ingredients...Fresh from NC Waters Swordfish and Bertie County Blistered Peanuts. At that point instinct and a little blind faith took over. Team Curt's Cucina was ready and willing to school these young guns in the art of culinary war, but as fate would have it, the proverbial stone that took down the giant was in fact...a peanut! 

Winner Apr 18 Finale Apr 21 Winner Apr 19