Battle 2 Raleigh - Will Work 4 Food VS Team Ironclad

July 12, 2016


Irons In The Fire

If you are not a chef, then you may not know the nature of this particular species of humans. They like the heat, they like the pressure, they thrive on it. When I refer to Irons in the fire, yes, it's play on the two restaurant's names. But when you hear what they have going on in real life, you may understand why they subject themselves to a stressful competition like this. Fresh Local Good Food Group's executive chef Michael Roberson and his team, executive assistant Kathryn Hubert and sous chef Michael Turner are in the process of building a multiplex in downtown Greensboro which will consist of seven different businesses; 2 restaurants, a bakery, a speakeasy, an event rentals company, a private dining space and a catering company. As if that weren't enough, another Iron Hen Cafe is about to open in Asheville. Sure, let's go ahead and enter a chef's competition as well, why not? As for the captain of the Will Work 4 Food dream team Matt Hannon, he has been at this competition dining game for four out of the five years it has been a statewide series. Each year he gets a little bit further along but he never stops paddling. Last night his team put up scores that could foreshadow a trip to the Battle Of Champions if they can stay consistent throughout their bracket. Jen Curtis' dessert garnered a near perfect score by the Joes. Team Will Work 4 Food moves on to the next round.