Battle 1 Durham Team Curt's Cucina V Team Captain KocinA

Team Curt's Cucina Brings Home The Bacon


Team Curt's Cucina Brings Home The Bacon. The  2016 Got To Be NC Competition Dining Series kicked off in a new location, Bay 7 inside the American Tobacco Campus, Durham. The veteran team of Curt's Cucina, led by Chef Curt Shelvey along with his two sidearms, sous chef Ryan Laton and old friend chef Matt Hannon (Ironwood Cafe), came in with guns a-blazin' and talking a little smack (all in good fun)!  Team Captain KocinA led by Chef Carolina Escobar (Captain Poncho's Grill), chef JP Murcia (KocinA Food Truck) and chef Matt Gerritsen had done their research to bring down the mighty Team Curt's Cucina but came up short by just over 2 points  The battle was bacon and eggs, but there was no scrambling in this kitchen. These two teams transformed the two featured ingredients into a dinner that is not to be forgotten. 

Pro Judges for the evening were Chefs Sam Papanikas of Bleu Olive, Marshall Smith of Glass Half Full and Carl Paolucci of Poole's.

In the end, Team Curt's Cucina brings home the bacon and heads into the final round of the Durham Series. One step closer to the coveted red chef's jacket! Congratulations Team Curt's.

WRAL's Matt Poindexter tell the story in depth here

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 Durham 1 Course 1


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