Finale Greensboro - Sedgefield Culinary Crushers V The Wiley Picklweasels

June 23, 2016

Battle Hog and Harvest

Lady Edison - The Hoofed Temptress of North Carolina - Hog in a Box


The Edible Schoolyard Garden at the Greensboro Children's Museum

 Big Boys + Big Pig + Big Flavors = Big Win. Yes, those Culinary Crushers from Sedgefield Country Club pulled it off by less than half a point!  The Crushers, led by Chef James "JP" Patterson, were handed a Lady Edison Hog In A Box and some of the most beautiful fresh fruit from the vines of a variety of N.C. Farmers Markets and gave the Wiley Pickleweasels, the veteran team led by Undercurrent's Chef Michael Harkenreader, a real run for their money. Course by course the lead changed from one team to another. At one time they were hundredths of a point apart! But as we always say in the world of Competition Dining...One Dish will Make You Or Break You! Congratulations to the crew from the Sedgefield Country Club. We will see you at the Battle of Champions.