Chef Ryan Payne, Final Fire 2012 Champion

“Competition Dining was huge for us this year. We catered to over 600 diners throughout the competition and they all had the opportunity to experience our cooking firsthand. Our business has seen sustained growth of 25% after winning Fire in the Triangle. If you want to show the dining public what you’re all about, then you need to be in this competition.”

Chef John Dean, Competitor in Fire on the Rock

"I would like to thank everyone at Competition Dining and Southern Foods for the opportunity to participate in the Fire on the Rock. The entire organization is first class. Being a part of this year's competition has uplifted the restaurant as a whole, from the front of the house, to the back of the house, and will ultimately be very beneficial to our restaurant."

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Chef Joanie Babcock, Competitor in Fire on the Dock

"Big thanks go out to Jimmy Crippins for his "Fire on the Dock" I told him he saved me. I have started going  to the gym, working out, doing my "Rocky" training. Mark and I were both interviewed on The Penguin" radio station, yesterday which gave us a little more exposure. As I look back, I loved it and will do it again."

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Janet Wright, Diner at Fire in the Triad

"... it has introduced us to some restaurants in our own backyard that we had previously missed, one of those being Emerywood. It will be a regular on our rotation. It's also clued us in to good places to try when we go to the mountains or the beach..."

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