Janet Wright, Diner at Fire in the Triad

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"I was thrilled to get the notice about the "Final Fire" tickets. My children and I attended the Fire in the Triad battle between our favorite Green Valley Grill and our NEW favorite Emerywood. (To decide a favorite restaurant is like trying to decide which of your kids is your favorite!) While we won't be able to attend the Final Fire due to family obligations, I want to take a moment to express my appreciation for the competition dining series.

First I'd like to talk about our experience the night of the battle in Greensboro. We, as well as the others at our table, were greatly impressed by the food BUT what enhanced the experience was the way the entire program was run. The organization was unbelievable. How you managed to get everything out, in proper order, with no discernible flaws, is nothing short of amazing. While I'm sure there were bound to be some missteps, none were seen by the guests. And we were indeed guests. We were pampered from the moment we stepped in the door until we left later in the evening. We have commented many times since then that it was one of the best evenings out that we had.

Another pleasurable side-effect has been that it has introduced us to some restaurants in our own backyard that we had previously missed, one of those being Emerywood. It will be a regular on our rotation. It's also clued us in to good places to try when we go to the mountains or the beach.

I hope that this is a regular event here in the Triad. If so, we will certainly come again, though this time I will purchase tickets for the finale right away.

We had a great night when we attended and have had lots of fun talking about it since.

Please accept my deepest appreciation for bringing this wonderful event to my community!"




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