Good luck and may the best chef team win!

Competition Dining Series 2015 Rules

  • The Number One Rule in Competition Dining is...HAVE FUN!
  • Tournament will be a Single Elimination Bracket Series
  • Chefs must be a team of three dressed in kitchen uniform
  • One flex cook allowed per team (so long as they don't compete on another team)
  • Mystery Ingredients will be revealed on the day of each competition (teams agree to confidentiality)
  • Each Chef must create three dishes incorporating mystery ingredients (may be any type of dish, appetizer, entree, dessert)
  • Chef teams may not cook dishes from their own restaurants menus (ex. signature dishes or items). This is where honesty and integrity make good sportsmanship.
  • Teams may only use ingredients provided. More ingredients will not be available due to ruining original product given
  • Day Preparations will take place from approximately 12:00 noon to 6:00pm at designated location (lunch provided for Chef teams)
  • Each team may bring their own equipment and is subject to review by Competition Dining Series Organizers and must be made available for competitor's use.
  • Guests will arrive at 6:00pm, dinner service will begin around 7:00pm
  • Order of dishes served will be determined by the Chef Ref and agreed to by competing Chefs as to best accommodate the guests
  • Judging will be by guests who will have forms or mobile apps to fill out during service along with a panel of selected media and culinary professional judges 
  • Guests will be instructed how to judge based on Competition Dining Series judging criteria
  • Winner of each competition will be determined at the end of the evening
  • Winners will advance in the bracket to the finals and compete for grand prize of $2000. Final Fire Grand Prize $4000 (w-9 must be filled out and a 1099 tax form will be issued at the end of the year to recipient)
  • Runner Up will receive $500. Final Fire Runner up $1000.
  • All  Competition Dining Events are held under the exclusive supervision of a referee known as the "Chef Ref" and will be executed in accordance with the following rules.


  • Good sportsmanship, sanitation and organization will be the prevailing attitude throughout the competition.
  • All cooks/teams will play by these rules and, where necessary, any supplemental rules stipulated by the Competition Dining Series Organizers.
  • The interpretation of these Competition Rules, in relation to a specific event, will rest with the Competition Organizers, whose decisions shall be final and binding. Protests after the fact will not be considered.
  • Any cook/team who, during the course of any event, fails to comply with any of these Competition Rules, will be subject to disqualification from that event.
  • Gambling is neither permitted nor sanctioned.
  • Our voting system is designed to address any anomalies and errors.
  • Series' scores will be weighted 70% Diners and 30% Pro Guest judges.
  • Final Fire scores will be weighted 50% Diners and 50% Pro Guest judges.
  • We reserve the rights to change the rules any time at our discretion.